Ecological farming

Ecological sheep farming – Eco farm Važec

Eco farm Važec has been familiar with ecological farming from the very beginning. The farm is located in the beautiful region in between two Slovak national parks and their areas overlap with the area of the farm as well. Farming in the spirit of environmental sustainability as our priority stems from our heart and from 2005 we are a cerified Eco farm.

Ecology under Mt. Kriváň

The features of the countryside form the basis for our Eco farm. The first important factor for ecological farming are the climate and altitude. In average, our land is located  at 1 000 m.a.s.l. and is more suitable for livestock farming than for growing crops. Location in between two mountain ranges, the High Tatras and the Low Tatras also affects the climatic conditions and temperatures.

We focus our activities on livestock farming – cows and sheep. We tend to 1 700 acres of grass lands, which are divided into meadows and pastures. Meadows are used for preparing fodder for winter. Pasture areas, located as close as possible to the farm, are designated for dairy cows. Pastures with higher altitude are reserved for young cattle.

Restoration of meadows and pastures

Ecosystem regeneration is an inseparable part of the ecological farming in Eco farm Važec. Our efforts focus on the restoration of meadows and pastures, including perennial fodder crops on the arable land. Every year we manage to regenerate approx. 250 acres.

Ecological care of the soil

The soil we farm on is a mixture of sandy type and gravel. Nutrients from artificial fertilizers do not remain in the soil, they drain away. Another reason that green farming is the best choice for us. Nowadays, we use only natural manure in permitted volumes.

Growing numbers of livestock have helped our natural fertilization. We have even simplified the processing of manure in an innovative way – cutting straw for the bedding. The manure is more easily processed and degrades faster as well. To add nitrogen to the soil, we promote planting of clover.

Production of organic seeds

On 450 acres of arable land we grow oat, barley, spring wheat, peas and potatoes. On top of covering the needs for our own cattle and sheep, we export the surplus seeds abroad.

Free range for animals

We have nearly 1 500 head of cattle, out of which approx. 400 dairy cows and 700 sheep. Part of our activities is also internationally recognized sheep breeding. We have a closed cycle of herd, ranging from calves, heifers, cows to bulls. Dairy cows graze outdoors during the season, at nights they are returned to stables. This is important for manure production as well. Young cattle and fresh cows graze within areas of electric fencing from May to October.

Organic / BIO production

We process the milk from cows and sheep in accordance with the strict demands on ecological processing and production of organic (BIO) food. The results are definitely worth it and our organic dairy products have fantastic taste and nutritional value.

Visit our shops for delicious cheeses from cow’s and sheep’s milk (smoked or not), delightful cheese strings or pareničky (Slovak stringy cheese) and traditional whey or broth.

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